Pregnancy Chiropractor

Chiropractors regularly care for pregnant patients for low back pain during their pregnancy. Pregnancy can be one of life’s most incredible experiences, however, as the baby grows, the mothers body undergoes substantial changes, resulting in spinal stress. This most commonly results in low back pain and pelvic discomfort for the mother. One study showed that 76% of women experienced pregnancy related pain – whether it be low back pain, pelvic girdle pain or a combination of the two.

During pregnancy, especially through the course of the final few months, a woman’s posture changes dramatically. An increase in the curve of the lower back can be the source of the low back pain, it may also have an effect on the sacroiliac joints causing pelvic discomfort, muscle fatigue or symptoms of sciatica. Often women also present with an increase in thoracic curvature. This may exaggerate symptoms of rib and mid-back pain, difficulty breathing, headaches and upper body stiffness and soreness.

As chiropractors, we do not focus solely on low back pain when adjusting pregnant women. We look at the body holistically to help you have the best pregnancy possible. We often see imbalances within the pelvis and an unbalanced pelvis can change the shape of the pelvic outlet.
(Pelvic outlet- where your your baby sits when it’s time to push) ⠀
Your pelvic ligaments attach and act as an anchor for your uterus, whilst also attaching at the other end to the pelvic bones. ⠀

An important way to help reduce symptoms you may be experiencing during pregnancy is to maintain good spinal function before and during your pregnancy. This can be done through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments, as well as gentle exercise and stretching.

Our chiropractors will also offer advice on nutrition and ergonomics and can provide literature and resources to help you have a happier, healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.



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