The impact that text-neck could have on a growing spine. How our Dandenong chiropractors are here to help.

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We’ve all heard from our parents growing up that we should sit up straight and have good posture, a lot of us older people grew up without phones indeed when we were growing up phones were used purely to make phone calls with.

Text neck

Young people today are quite addicted to their phones with the rise of social media, texting & Snapchat a lot of the communication with their peers is conducted via a phone whether that be in iPhone or a Samsung android type product.

What scientists are finding out that this hunched forward position or as what a New Zealand physiotherapist calls the “ihunched” position places a great deal of stress upon our neck.

This increased stress is leading to a lot of teenagers presenting our practices with a “dowager’s hump”, which commonly we used to only see an old women.

Clinicians are also noticing that this smartphone addition is also having a toll upon our emotional health.

In one study they used a group of non-depressed volunteers divided into two groups, one who would answer mock interview questions in an upright position and the other would answer them in a hunched position. The slouches gave more negative answers and had significant lower self-esteem and mood and much greater fear. Dr Cuddy explains in her article which was published in Health Psychology.

Dr Cuddy also asserts that the “ihunched” posture may also affect our memory.

Horns are growing on young people’s skulls.

Dr David Shahar a chiropractor from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland conducted research looking at abnormal bone growth amongst young people that may be the result of hunched posture from phone usage this paper was published in the prestigious Spine Journal.

As Dr Sayers has noted the danger is not the bone spur itself rather that the abnormal bone formation is an indication of something nasty going elsewhere, a sign that the head and neck are not in proper configuration.

These formations take a long time to develop so that means that these individuals who suffer from this, probably have been in postural stress in that area since early childhood Dr Shahar explained.

As both researchers have said the answer is not necessarily swearing off technology, what we have to deal with are coping mechanisms that reflect how important technology has become in our lives.

Dr Shahar is pressing the need for people to become as regimented about posture as they became about dental hygiene in the 1970s.

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