Vitamin C- can it actually help for a cold?

As the temperature in Melbourne drops, and the grey and gloomy weather sets in, everyone seems to test their immune system by way of experiencing a cold or flu.

Thankfully, the body has its own ability and mechanism to assist you in fighting and bringing you back to full heath– producing mucus to help rid the body of dead bacteria and viruses, coughing to help cycle the immune response and sneezing to clear the airways.

When we feel like this, immediately most people’s thoughts will turn to recommending and using Vitamin C.

So the question begs, is Vitamin C beneficial for helping beat coughs, colds and flu?

The answer is- yes.

A recent research study conducted by the University of Helsinki found the larger doses of vitamin C may lead to a greater reduction in common cold duration.

In this study, the researchers highlighted that for vitamin c supplementation to be effective in assisting the body’s immune response, the doses should be over 15 grams per day for the best treatment of colds.

A key take away from this study is that vitamin C supplementation must be started as soon as possible after the onset of common cold symptoms to be most effective.

When choosing a vitamin c supplement, there is an overwhelming amount of choices; all ranging significantly in price and quantity per dose.

So what should I consider when buying a vitamin c supplement?

The old adage holds up. Generally, ‘you get what you pay for’.

Cheaper vitamins that come in bulk, usually tend to have more filler components than their more expensive counterparts.

Similarly, vitamins which contain more absorbable forms of nutrients tend to reflect a higher pricing.

Bioceuticals is a practitioner only product.

At Sims & Finn Chiropractic we stock a high quality Vitamin C supplement. We recommend our practice members use BioceuticalsUltra Potent-C; which is a practitioner only supplement.

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