Worsening quality of life after neck pain

Before we get into the study let me firstly explain what quality of life means.

A person’s quality of life includes their health and wellbeing across all physical, mental and social aspects.

Now let’s discuss this study. This study is published in The Spine Journal titled: ‘Is neck pain associated with worse health-related quality of life 6 months later? A population-based cohort study Paul S. Nolet, DC, MS, MPHa’

If you’ve ever suffered from neck pain you would be aware of how it makes you feel at the time but have you ever wondered what impact that episode (or recurrent episodes) of neck pain has on your quality of life down the track?

A study of 1,100 adults were involved. The Chronic Pain Questionnaire was used to measure neck pain and its related disability. The SF-36 questionnaire (which we use here in the practice) was used to measure health related quality of life 6 months later.

The results …..
Compared with participants without neck pain, those with mild, intense or disabling neck pain had worse physical health quality of life 6 months later.

The bad news …
If unfortunately you find yourself (or a loved one) with a worsening course of neck pain or persisting episodes of neck pain, there is an association with even worse physical health quality of life!

If you have a worsening quality of life after neck pain these are the areas that you are under performing in:

  • Vitality
  • Physical functioning
  • Bodily pain
  • General health perceptions
  • Physical role functioning

We have this study available upon request.